• Medical

    Clínica Romero provides low-cost comprehensive primary care for
    all ages.

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  • Dental

    Oral health is an integral part of overall health.

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  • Vision

    Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular examinations and current
    visual correction.

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  • Mental Health

    Clínica Romero’s Mental Health department works with a patient’s primary care provider to ensure a coordinated pan of care.

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  • Pharmacy

    Clínica Romero’s Pharmacy offers low-cost prescriptions as well as medication management services.

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Women and Children Program

Clínica Romero’s prenatal patients are greeted by our caring and friendly Certified Perinatal Health Workers (CPHW) whose focus is to promote prenatal and postnatal healthcare, family planning, social service case management and home visitation care. We are proud to offer:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Breast feeding education
  • Family planning and one-on-one counseling sessions on the proper use of contraception
  • Childbirth preparation, infant care and safety classes
  • Medi-Cal enrollment, housing support and WIC referrals
  • Personalized care through our signature baby showers

During the 3rd trimester, we offer our prenatal patients a tour of the hospital where they will give birth. This prepares the family for the baby’s birth and creates a relaxing and comfortable delivery experience for the pregnant mother and her family.

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