Adult & Youth Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Clínica Romero offers effective and intensive substance use disorder treatment and outpatient services to both adults and youth. We also work with pregnant women and offer daycare services to our clients. All services are provided by caring staff in both English and Spanish. Our services include:

Youth Substance Use Disorder Program (Ages 12-18)

Clínica Romero offers an Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program for Youth who have issues with drugs and alcohol. Our Youth Program consists of:

  • Individual Sessions with a Substance Use Disorder Counselor

  • Intense Treatment Planning

  • Social Recreation
  • Support Groups
  • Anger Management / Domestic Violence Classes
  • Educational Groups

  • Job Skill Development
  • Drug / Alcohol Testing

  • Transportation for Surrounding Areas

Adult Substance Use Disorder Program (18+)

Our Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program for adults ages 18 and up, consists of the following services:

  • Individual Sessions with a Substance Use Disorder Counselor
  • Intense Treatment Planning
  • Social Recreation
  • Educational Groups
  • Crisis Intervention
  • On-Site 12 Step Meetings
  • After Care
  • Drug / Alcohol Testing

Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Program

Clínica Romero offers an Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program for women who are pregnant or postpartum and are struggling with issues of substance abuse. This program consists of daily groups, with subject matters such as “Dangers of Using or Drinking While Pregnant,” “Importance of Child Safety,” “Learning About the Developing Fetus,” and more. These services consist of:

  • Individual Sessions with a Substance Use Disorder Counselor
  • Intense Treatment Planning

  • Educational Groups
  • Drug / Alcohol Testing
  • Day Care

SUD Department:

SUD Department Hours of Operations:

Phone: (323) 987-1034

Alvarado 7AM TO 5:30PM 7AM TO 5:30PM 7AM TO 5:30PM 7AM TO 7PM 7AM TO 5:30PM

Our Patients Say

“I was court referred and not happy that I had to do a treatment program. I walked in defensive and closed off. When I walked into the SUD department I felt immediately at ease, the staff was friendly and welcoming. I was enrolled right away and they were able to provide me with all the services the court ordered which meant that I could fulfill all my required classes and programs in one place. I finished the program and felt so grateful! Thanks Clinica, you helped me to get my kids back, to get a job, and most importantly to get my life back! Thanks!”

M.M (SUD Department)

“The SUD department is a place where you can find support, people that won’t judge you, and the help you need. I was enrolled in the Parenting Anger Management and the Drug and Alcohol programs. It was super convenient! The staff there made it easy to do something (asking for help) that is so hard to do. Thanks SUD team!”

J.S (SUD Department)

“My counselor at the SUD team was really helpful, she was there whenever I was struggling. Every one there makes you feel comfortable and none of them judged me for even one second. Other patients that I met in the program accepted me and understood all that I was going through. Now I have my three kids, got my GED, and I am enrolled in a community college. It meant a lot to me that the SUD staff took the time to put me on the right path. I will never forget this place and the people who work here.”

J.R (SUD Department)

We offer a range of classes!

Anger Management

The objective of our Anger Management program is to provide the client with the necessary tools required to handle issues related to anger, along with the skills to deal with any adverse or negative situations which may arise.

Parenting Classes

Our Parenting Classes are designed to teach our clients how to be effective, responsible parents. Clients are taught the importance of communication and patience, child safety, and the proper way to discipline. We address the individual parenting issues they are struggling with, because we believe that a healthy person makes for a better parent.

Domestic Violence

Our 26-52 week Domestic Violence Programs are comprehensive skill-building programs designed to teach techniques on how to deal with issues related to domestic violence. We have classes both for the perpetrator as well as for the victim.

Grief Counseling

Our new grief recovery groups and individual sessions are done as either an 8-week group format or a 7-week one-on-one format depending on preference and availability. Sessions are held by a Grief Recovery Certified Specialist. Our Grief Support Groups and individual sessions provide a safe environment for participants to look at old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected their life. There is a sliding scale fee for the grief and loss program.

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