Diabetes Classes

Diabetes can lead to serious complications such as a heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and lower limb amputations. Through the implementation of the PDSA cycles, Clínica Romero developed a curriculum which includes the most important issues to be addressed for diabetes management utilizing the Stanford Medicine: Nutrition Project education modules. Since January 2016 we have dramatically improved the Comprehensive Diabetic Care (CDC) HbA1c testing indicator which looks at patients age 18-74 with DM (1 or 2).

The Diabetic Nutrition Education course consists of 6 classes over the course of 3 months and includes a comprehensive plan to improve patient HbA1c levels. Patients are rewarded for attending classes with items like: pill boxes, a self-care journal, water bottles, a stress ball, a pedometer, recipe books, a certificate of completion, etc. Through the implementation of Diabetes Nutrition Education we strive to reduce HbA1c with level >9.0% (uncontrolled diabetes) and improve HbA1c with level <8.0% by 10% by the end of 2017.

Be sure to join our Diabetes classes! Courses cover:


Healthy Eating

Active Living

Stress-Management Skills


Specialty Care