Profiles in Service

Leading the Way in Patient-Centered Medical Health Care

Dr. Rodney Samaan, Medical Director

Dr. Rodney Samaan is the new medical director of Clínica Monseñor Oscar A. Romero where he manages a staff of providers committed to offering the highest quality healthcare to the clinic’s culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse patient population.

Dr. Samaan comes to Clínica Romero with extensive experience in internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, and medical research. Some of his previous work includes: serving as medical officer for a veterans’ hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where he provided orthopedic, cardiac, primary, ophthalmologic, and respiratory care to veterans; training pediatric residents working in urgent care; serving as program associate for the National Assembly on School-Based Health in Washington, D.C., where he was key in identifying the need for school-based health initiatives, which led to a million dollar grant for the organization; and collecting data about vulnerable communities in Ecuador’s Amazon region, and the U.S. He is also the author of numerous research articles, most notably in the area of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Samaan’s diverse portfolio of medical knowledge and expertise is evident through his work at Clínica, where he’s filled various roles since joining the organization in 2016. For example, while associate director of Clínica, Dr. Samaan led a team of practitioners that identified opportunities for increasing the level and turnaround of patient care. This included analyzing provider data indicating preventive quality measures, timing of visits, productivity and quality.

As part of Clínica’s preventive care efforts, Dr. Samaan established diabetic group visits for high-risk diabetic patients, trained medical assistants to perform nutrition teaching and preventive screening for colon cancer during the intake process, and more. More importantly, Dr. Samaan researches advances in medicine and implements quality initiatives that make sure patients are getting the best possible care.

Formerly, as Director of Clinical Informatics and Innovation, Dr. Samaan explored ways to bring innovative, non-invasive, and cost-effective technologies, such as telemedicine, to Clínica, and test and pilot these new approaches.

According to Dr. Samaan, Clínica is leading the way in specialty in-house care for patients. Its patient-centered medical home approach gives patients access to doctors, records, and specialists from the comfort of their home. More importantly, primary doctors communicate with specialists and everyone is on the same page.

“I’m always looking for new opportunities to better serve our patient population. Patients can handle and are adapting to newer technologies because I’m starting to see patients using their phones for a variety of purposes. The world is changing a lot because of mobile phones, and medicine may be the better for it.”