Behavioral Health

Clínica Romero’s Behavioral Health department works with a patient’s primary care provider to ensure a coordinated plan of care. We provide an array of services that meet the patient where they are at and assist them in managing their mental health symptoms. Services include:



Our bilingual staff consists of both licensed therapists and students from social work and marriage & family therapy who work with each patient individually in order to tailor the most beneficial treatment for them. Our services include:

-Individual Counseling

-Child & Adolescent Counseling

-Couple’s Counseling

-Family Counseling

-Group Counseling



We provide various therapies!

Orientation to Therapy

Orientation to Therapy

Come and learn about the different types of therapy we offer. We will also show you  tools on how to reduce physical and emotional stress.

Short-term: 1-3 weeks

Take Your Life Back

Find motivation, healing, and learn how to take back and be in control of your life.

Long-term: 15-20 weeks

Healing is a Choice

Let’s focus on healing. This therapy helps with anxiety, depression, and trauma.
Learn how to connect with safe people and heal past wounds.

Long-term: 15-20 weeks

Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy

We offer a safe and confidential environment to talk one-on-one with a trained therapist. Please call to learn how you can begin therapy.

A list of volunteer opportunities is posted below.




If you are interested in a social work internship please contact Angie Rodriguez-Watkins at

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My Chart

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