Clínica Romero Transformation Project


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The campaign is an effort to advance Clínica Romero’s reach and positive impact by improving availability of and accessibility to health services in the Los Angeles community. In addition to expanding and enriching our current medical services, a site transformation will allow Clínica Romero to improve care coordination between departments that routinely collaborate to treat patients with co-morbid chronic diseases.

Complete renovation of our clinics is estimated at $3 million and includes the design, construction, and expansion of programs as a result of added space. A portion of the funding has been secured thanks to a $1.7 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This leaves Clínica Romero with a $1.3 million capital campaign fundraising goal.

Our Vision

Garden Area

Expansion of the waiting room and its visual connection to the garden in order to address the environmental determinants of health: active living and healthy eating

Medical Services

An increase in the number of medical rooms will optimize our patient’s health needs by eliminating access and resource barriers

Dental Services

An increase in the number of dental operatory rooms will render preventive dental care services that will allow our patients greater access to the same skilled providers

Conference Room

A restructured conference room, for a community meeting space that will address the importance of supplementary resources for a communities’ well-being